The Happy Skin Cream Brings So Much Joy to Women’s Lives

Esra’ AlNaggar

How often did we as women search for home-made remedies to cure our chopped lips or fight hyper-pigmentation. Or to brighten those too dark circles that sleep heavily under our eyes, as if; intently exposing our lack of sleep, hard times and negligence of drinking enough water. But how effective are those remedies? And how long do they actually take to finally show effect? Do we have the energy and the patience to actually bake them? After a lot of “natural recipes’ hunting” we end up getting bored and think, if only those things were made ready for us. But they are! All it takes is an order, and that fancy container shall look even fancier on your dresser. This product I am telling you about is in no way something Western; it is very Yemeni and created by the hands of 20-year-old Sama’a AlBarawi.

Sama’a AlBarawi was born and raised in Sana’a-Yemen. After the war erupted in her homeland, she moved to Egypt to finish her education, majoring in Marketing at the School of Business Administration. Sama’a’s only passion is not limited to creating beauty products, she likes to read, write short stories, paint and cook (her dishes would make your mouth water, I know, for I have seen it all on Instagram!) She is also interested in Meditation, Photography and Digital Arts. In less than a year, Sama’a managed to become part of the Arab League in the Sustainable Development and International Cooperation Department that works on the SDGs. She is also a part of the UN Women community and has worked on the Beijing+25 Youth Declaration Conferences. She is now a member of the AGORA team that stands up for gender and generation equality.

“Skin is the largest organ in human body, and like anything in our body, skin should be taken care of in the best and most healthy way. So what if I get you a product that attends to both, your beauty and health?”

Because she loves to take care of her skin “naturally” and since the market lacked a 100% natural product, Sama was urged to create her own line and so launched The Sky Shop Project in 2018. Her first product The Happy Skin Cream was an immediate success and – as its name indicates – brought ultimate happiness to many women’s hearts. Many of her clients confessed that the product absorbed them body and soul and they have become fully addicted to it! Today, Sama’a has a line of four products and she promises many more are on the way.

Sama’a’s dream was made into reality with the help of Start up Without Boarders Organization who supplied her with the courses and opportunities to start up her project. Her mother too, was her motive and biggest cheerleader, her friend and graphic designer Doaa AlQubli , who has taken care of all details (such as Logo and Packaging) further added an even better touch to the Sky Shop products.

“I am in love with the process and even more in love with being able to make every woman secure and comfortable in her own skin.”

When asked on where her project will be in 10 years, Sama’a answered, “It will be in the hands of all the ones seeking healthy beauty and who call themselves nature friends. In the hands of the ones who value Mother Nature and sustainability.

Take a look at Sama’a’s products and let The Happy Skin Cream add more joy to your life!


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