Maryam Qureshi

Aristotle’s idea of the role of fortune in the life of the main character of the drama is still visible and evident in the movies that we watch in this modern era.

In a Greek drama, the characters act according to the turning of the wheel of their fortune, it turns around and their situation undergoes a change altogether. It may  be good or bad, but they have to face it as it is a notion and catastrophe at the hands of their  fate which they have to endure no matter what happens to them.

Following is a list of  the movies that I want to share with you:

Bohemian  Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-Stomping  celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie  bravely  faces  the  AIDS  diagnosis that was something written on the  wall for him.

Leave  No  Trace

This movie is a story of a veteran named  Will and his daughter Tom. The movie starts with a strong connection between father and his daughter. But in the end they parted ways willingly as it was the  order of the laden sky.


Its about the character Keda who forms a strange alliance with a wolf as both of them were facing the same circumstances. It was at the hands of the turning of the wheel of fortune that draws them closer to each other.


Story of an acclaimed poet, Him and his wife  named  Mother. They  face  the misfortunes of their life when a couple enters their life acting as a really bad omen.


Mary lives with her uncle and guardian Frank. As  the  story moves ahead, Mary is found to be threatened by the separation from her uncle. But her fate  plays a miracle and they are found to be living together again.

The  Gift

About a married couple Simon and Robyn who unexpectedly encounter Gordo and their perfect life  face  a terrific catastrophe.Had they never met Gordon, they would not have been captured in such a sad circumstances.

I  just mentioned here all the titles that I remember at the moment. I  hope  it will make you conclude more titles. It is easy to realize that the presence of Greek tragedy is still evident in the modern settings of the modern drama.

Maryam Qureshi holds an MA in English Literature and Linguistics. She is a poet and writer. Her work has appeared in several journals published by Profilic Press Inc. (Publishing house in USA).


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