The Demons Within

I once read in the novel Pillars of the Earth about how in the 12th century people held their breaths as Halloween night drew closer. They would all lock themselves in churches with their families, holding each other, clinging to the sacred walls that stood between them and the approaching steps of the demons. They would sit tight, read prayers as they hoped the sun would rise soon – the storm would subside and for another year; all their lives would again be spared.

But I did not read about the demons who hustle in the form of humans. Those who live like us, eat like us and exist in the same exact way as we do. Those who smile at you all morning and release their wolves with the first beams of moonlight. There is no reference to how those can look like everyone else, yet fiest on blood, pleasure from pain; and dance on the rhythms of scared shrieks.

There was no narration of a 19 year old who has left his family to another city in hopes for a better life, yet was confronted by hours of torture and death by demons who looked like humans but had nothing humane in them. Demons who were more in quantity, more in power, but nonetheless had collaborated against his helpless soul.

There was not a slight mention on how; the demons that live within are ten times worse, and a hundred times scarier than the ones who reside in cemeteries.

Esra’ AlNaggar
Founder and Editor in Chief


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