Play Me a Tune

Lynn White

Play Me A Tune 

Sit quietly now
you can play later
and don’t be sad,
it’s a bit of a muddle
but, believe me,
you are made of music
full of it
and soon
all the notes will be freed
from the jumble
and re aligned neatly
to be arranged.
Just think about it
let yourself sing
your head
you’re ready
to play me a tune.


She always felt she was born to be colourful.
Colourful personality.
Colourful clothes.
Bringing colour
to her life.
To light up other lives,
even when she felt low,
felt blue.
Even when things were bad
and no one shared a smile.
Even when all were grey.
Even more so then.
She was determined to be colourful.
It was her birthright
not just seasonal.


It’s so easy to keep on
in the wilderness
to find the light.
Such a predictable landscape 
making sure that one day
is much the same as the next.
Making sure that one day 
is just as safe as the next.
Maybe it’s easier
to keep to the path,
the straight and narrow one,
even though I know
it can never reach the light.
If only a door would appear
that I could open.
If only a door would appear
that I would open
and pass through
out of the wilderness,
into the unknown.
Into the dark or the light.


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