Cosmo Mythos with Derek Roper

As our October issue is generally Halloween-based, and as we at the Elixir appreciate all forms of Art; we only saw it best to take it a bit from rigid written horror to visual horror with a more of a comical touch, how does that sound?

Get to meet Derek Roper who shows genuine delight in exploring such a unique and unusual form of art.

Derek Roper has dedicated his creativity and ingenuity to the cosmic mythos.  The Mad Artist focuses much of his work on the mysteries of comic horror. 

Some of his favorite classic cosmic horror stories include  the Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and the King in Yellow. Of course, there are many more! His passion for these stories and the mythos drive his creative processes. 

Derek primarily works with digital art, but also has a passion for clay work and wood burning. He is always working with new mediums to portray his art. Derek has recently been published in the light ekphrastic journal (August 2020 – Issue 43). Derek is a registered artist under the Maryland State Arts Council. 

Make sure you take a look at Derek’s Art Gallery.


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