Book Promotion – Unparalleled by Don Smith

Review by Maryam Qureshi

Unparalleled” by Don Smith is a science fiction with elements of thriller and mystery associated directly to a logical world. Stuart Milton is the man who lost his connection with the world he belonged to and found himself in surroundings where he couldn’t find his wife Lauren. His search for truth and quest for the lost world made him a traveler of an entirely new journey under assistance of his psychiatrist Dr. Carson. He was eager to reunite with his lost world, the world which was like the moon for him, where he could travel like the white lights that symbolized, “the constant stream of life and death.”

The plot moves forward with a twist of certain mysterious and thrilling events including Stuart’s brother David’s interaction with secret agents and gangsters from across the world. The physicist professor Humphries opened a new world of possibilities for Stuart, he told him about, “the possible link between the two parallel universes”. “Harmoniser” is the new scientific creation being introduced in the novel. Like the famous magical carpet, harmoniser transported Stuart back to the world where his wife was waiting for him, she exclaimed with surprise,
“where have you been my darling?”

I really enjoyed reading the novel. I am sure all the readers would love to read about a parallel universe that is still a mystery for all of us.