Listen to the Kittie

Esra’ AlNaggar

While cats understand faster than dogs they are harder to be understood. Here are few tips to help you better comprehend that furry, super cute, bundle of joy.

I love dry food but I get bored of it, so change the brand every once in a while. Don’t do it suddenly though, I don’t like to vomit or have diarrhea.

Do make sure my water container is always full, I love the taste and it can get really hot, you know.

I hate showers, but I love being clean. Give me a bath sometimes and sponge baths more often.

Please make sure I am updated on vaccines.

If I am licking a certain spot more than usual something is wrong, check it please.

Be careful when you open the door, I am curios and I might get injured, or worse – run away!

I love ribbons but they could harm me if I swallow it, so please tuck them away once we are done playing!

I enjoy chewing plants, but make sure it doesn’t make me sick.

One more thing, I pretend I am okay when I am not, if you suspect I am ill do take me to the vet.

I love scratching but I don’t mean to ruin your furniture. Don’t waste your money on scratchers, i’ll still go for your sofa.

Please put my litter box in a quiet place I am most vulnerable in this position and I could get really scared.

Don’t stand watching me, I don’t like it!

Don’t clean the litter box every time I use it I like smelling my scent.

Don’t leave it too full though, it is not nice!

And yeah I don’t share.

And finally,always leave me on the window sill, I just love the view.


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