Based on your Color, I Treat You

Appalled were Yemenis when they heard about George Floyd’s brutal death, I mean who wasn’t? How could the American Police be so inhumane, sending a man to his death, just because he is black? Is it possible that being of black color could bring a man’s downfall? Truth is, it does a lot worse than that, ask the Yemeni society.

Here in Yemen,

If you are a girl you are taught and at a very tender age, that if you are black (or a shade darker than white) your chances in marriage decrease automatically; because beauty is white and that is that!

If you are a boy, there is no big deal. You will just have to survive bullying at school and being labeled as “the guy from Somalia” and that in the Yemeni geographical map is not a country, just a curse.

If you are of mixed origin – and I do not mean that of Russian where the skin is fair and the eyes are blue, no. I am talking about having an African mother and a Yemeni father (or vice versa); you sadly, will have to forget about your Yemeni identity. You are African only. Thus, you are not allowed to marry pure, you are an outcast and if you are a PhD holder, an illiterate of true breed will still look down at you.

If you are Rasayel – a marginalized African- Yemeni teenager – get harassed once and again and finally raped;all you get is a “too bad” as you watch the rapist walk out of his crime unharmed because he is of blue blood and your blood, my dear; is nothing but…black.

To George Floyd and Rasayel with love,
Esra’ AlNaggar – Founder and Editor in Chief


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