18 Ideas to Help you with Self- Isolation

1. Social Media Detox for a whole week, you would not miss anything, we promise!

2. Start a bullet journal and create a vision board.Get those dreams on paper and right on the wall

3. Research about something you have always wanted to know more about or better, take an online course about it

4. Listen to personal development talks, Ted Talks for instance

5. Do yoga, or Zumba! Shake all the stress away

6. Make a skin care routine (have a home spa, self care day, body lotion, hair mask, self-massage, bubble bath with loads of vanilla and musk scents)! Pamper yourself

7. Create a new look. You’d want to make an impression when all is done

8. Cuddle with your pets, you need it more than they do!

9. Start a blog! Practice journaling in the early morning

10. Meditate. Let go of all negativity by performing activities such as stretching and breathing

11.change your room decor, and dispose of all the things you no longer use

11. Learn something new, say; an instrument!

11. READ many self-development books, novels and everything readable

12. Start a new habit, and keep it going for 21 days until it becomes a lifestyle

13. Plan a healthy lifestyle

14. Paint, draw, knit or whatever you enjoy doing (even if it were taking naps, take many of those!)

15. Learn to cook

16. Organize and strategise your finances

17. Draft a 2 or 5 year plan

18.Learn to create happiness


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