Life lessons I was Forced to Learn

K’Chumba Arap

Over the years I have learnt lessons
Either taught by the world
Or the ones I have lived with
Or my close kins
They were lessons worthy lived by
They are lessons worthy forgotten 
And the more I ran to the sweet ones
The more the evils committed clicked on
To my weaker heart,
It couldn’t hold to it.

How does it feel?
A mother fails to cook for her children
She didn’t have the money to buy them food
In a civilized world
We sit and watch them suffer
How does it feel?
A parent burying thy only child
A sole breadwinner
Murdered, found death
Lynched by robbers
Left to rot in his blood

And the civilized society
In plenty come to share the sorrows
Contribute generously to the bereaved
Speak well if the departed
A man who went for days without food
Was our friend
He couldn’t afford his medication
Still he was our friend
We need to appease his spirit
You know, give him a nice send off
Escort his hearse with our convoy
A presidential escort is perfect for him

What a shame society!
What a shame society!
What have you done to me?
What have you done to humanity?
Ooh society, what have you done to life?
Passion to love is now hate
A heart to care now hurts
A hand that we taught to give now takes
A mouth that blessed now curses
You know, one man for himself
The better way to deal with life
The life lessons, I was forced to learn.

K’Chumba Arap is a teacher of Literature. A poet and a true believer of what humanity holds in our hearts. He has performed in Poetry Slam Kenya, first preliminaries of 2019.

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