Some Memories Never Fade

Maryam Qureshi

Cold December night, recurrent sound of chilly winds striking against the window panes like a stranger who would keep on knocking on the front door to bring back the fond memories of winter holidays that I used to enjoy as a child with a spontaneous mind. For being the last month of the current year and a doorway to the new year, December is acting like a director’s cue for his actor to make a ghost appearance in his past and to believe in a meaningful future with certain resolutions for the upcoming future.

Sitting near the fireplace in my armchair, whereas writing some poetry for my first manuscript Submission, I dropped my pen on the paper and left writing for a while. “why did you stop writing?” I asked myself, “maybe it’s the writer’s block”, my mind replied. But it’s neither the writer’s block nor a new idea but a flashback struck upon my mind like a ray.

When I was a wee tot I had a little doll. I gave her the name “muse”, I was not aware of its meaning then and did not know that one day I would become a writer by invoking on my muse. Back in the high school days, while attending the lecture on Romantics, my teacher asked me, “who is your favorite poet”? I said, “John Keats”. But at that time I was not aware that one day my love for Keats would become a passion and inspiration for my poetry. I would become a poet myself, I was not aware of the fact.

My first poetry publication for a print journal published by a publishing house in USA, then in several other international journals both online and in print would become a collection of memoir like a picture gallery in a poetry museum.Time passes, life goes on, we move forward without looking behind. But sometimes, some days and some moments are going to cross our memories like some red rays of the setting sun just before the arrival of the night, in the twilight.

Maryam Qureshi holds an MA in English Literature and Linguistics. She is a poet and writer. Her work has appeared in several journals published by Profilic Press Inc. (Publishing house in USA).


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