Moment of Silence

Wafula p’Khisa

[In memory of Wakini Kuria]

A tale is told of your heart, its warmth and tenderness
That touched lives in ways nobody can properly express
Those who saw you, sing of your beauty, sharpness of mind
and the undying spirit you demonstrated in writing this land
But, they lack courage to face emptiness & silence you’ve left.

I only tasted the magic of your pen, beauty of thought & grammar
and the dreams you painted and nurtured at Writers Space Africa
If pain could be conquered, I admit you wrapped it behind your lovely smile well
How herbs and loud prayers couldn’t keep death at bay, I really can’t tell
Tears hurt most, when a loved one falls at inopportune time!

I wish your laughter could have lasted to keep us warm
I wish your smile could have lasted to cheer us through every tide
I wish you could have grown older to witness fate of our dreams
You were to stay, dance to our anthem of sorrow, and create a home with us
But the ship disembarked fast, you tightened your lips & left without a word
to keep us alive, as emptiness digs its claws down our throats!
//Go well, our beloved!//

Wafula p’Khisa is a poet, writer and teacher from Kenya. His work has been published in The Legendary (issue 48), Aubade Magazine (issue 1), The Seattle Star,The Beacon (ebook anthology), Scarlet Leaf Review, Antarctica Journal, NYSAI Press,, Best New African Poets 2015 Anthology,, The Pendulum, Mgv2 Magazine, Lunaris Review, Best New African Poets 2016 Anthology, PPP Ezine (vol 2, issue 1), Advaitam Speaks LiteraryJournal (vol 2, issue 1), Basil O’Flaherty Journal, Emanations (issue 2), The New Ink Review,Better Than Starbucks Magazine (April issue,2018), Disgrace Land (ebook anthology on Zimbabwe), Tuck Magazine and Best New African Poets 2017 anthology. His work has also been published in French. He blogs at http //


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