Yemenis Across the Globe: Ahmed Spreading Happiness Like Confetti

Well, my name is Ahmed and I am from a city called Aden in Yemen. I was born in The United Kingdom, London to be exact. I am dyslexic and thus a member of the British Dyslexia Association. I am a computer science graduate. I love riding horses and I have been riding since the age of 10. I enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures and traditions.


One of my greatest passions is helping others. I donate blood, visit orphans and help support people from different places in the world. Through my journey, I managed to find other Yemeni people who had similar passions and who viewed the world the same way I did. Together, men and women, we now help in supporting people from Syria, Palestine, Asia, Africa and Yemen.  Every Ramadan, we make sure families and kids in Yemen are supported and provided with means to survive and even enjoy the holy month. Once my mission is done, I am always overwhelmed by their smiles and feel forever grateful for their happiness.


I have created a platform called YemeniGlobal on Instagram in hopes to connect all Yemenis worldwide and to reinforce their attachment despite the distance. It also highlights Yemen’s needs and promotes for the projects that help sustain them. I have also set an account on Snapchat where events, such as weddings, are filmed and documented to show how people, who are away from Yemen, live. My team makes everything easier as they have many skills such as creating Logos, editing videos, drawing and planning events.


Currently, my focus is on helping Yemen through the crisis it is currently facing. I hope to be able to build hospitals, clinics, schools and even masjid (mosque) for the people in Yemen and provide them with medical aid and water wells in all cities.

Ahmed chose to remain anonymous, he is known by the people he supports as “the good guy Ahmed” and he would like it to stay this way. He believes that his greatest reward is not by being known, but by watching disadvantaged people prosper.


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