War and 11 Year Old Leyan

YemeniPeopleProject: Leyan AlMaghafi

“One night I was sleeping then the first bomb hit, it made me jump from one side to the other. I woke up one day and my auntie got a call that one of my school teachers and 8 of her siblings were killed because of a Saudi strike. I kept wondering if she died, then it could happen to me, i realized that it could have been me. I realized how close to death we actually were.

Before I used to care when I saw other people in war but I never thought it would happen to me, but when the war started and we weren’t able to leave I realized that this could happen to anyone, that money can’t do nothing and I realized what was most important in life which is my family. Even though what I went through was bad, I was very lucky.

Once when we were driving from our house because there were too many bombs, we saw a man holding one of his daughters and carrying the other. they were running and crying so we stopped and asked them if they wanted to come with us in the car. They were Syrians.

December 2015, Leyan – 11 years old- at the time.

Illustration by Intibint


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