30 Q with Nora Zabarah Pucci

Nora Zabarah Pucci is an Ottawa U. MBA Graduate and a mother of two, Vinny & Sofia. She always had a desire for fine fabrics, texture, beads and anything created by hand. Her gowns reflect her sense of style and love of beauty. Nora has surpassed all expectations by becoming a famous fashion designer whose gowns have made it to the Oscars and the British Royal Wedding. She has shared some of her time with The Elixir and answered our 30 Q. Read along, get to know Nora a little bit more.

Q1 Who is Nora Zabarah?
A Yemeni Canadian who is a mother and bridal fashion designer

Q2 You have left Yemen a long time ago, what was your last memory?
Family gatherings, full house, lots of food and happy times 

Q3 Describe your homeland in one word.

Q4 Between the Italian and Yemeni cultural and historical heritage which do you find more enchanting and why?
Both. Both are enchanting and very different, Yemen is authentic, different, traditional with great history and heritage. Italy also had a great history and heritage and it has flare for fashion and food

Q5 Lebanese cuisine VS Yemeni cuisine?

Q6 A fashion magazine you are currently subscribed to?
None… social media is how I follow what inspires and where I follow my news 

Q7 Nora’s safe haven.
Cuddled in bed with my kids and husband watching a movie

Q8 If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why? 
Red. Everything looks better in red

Q9 A memory you wish you could relive?
Family vacation trips when I was little with my family 

Q10 Your mentor.
I had a few along the way… but my biggest and best mentor is my dad

Q11 A saying that changed your life.
“For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work.”

Q12 What is Nora most passionate about?
Fashion and beautiful fabrics 

Q13 If you could travel alone where would you go and why?
Islands of Greece, never been and would love to go there one day
Q14 Nora’s favorite shop.
Lululemon right now… I like going to the gym

Q15 What is one fashion trend that you believe stood the test of time?
High- waisted pencil skirt

Q16 Why “Fashion Design”?
Because I love it… follow your passion

Q17 Who was the first to discover your talent?
Nobody, I worked hard for every step I took

Q18 What is your earliest memory of designing?
Sketching dresses when I was a little Girl

Q19 What was the first step you took towards Zarucci?
Pick the name of the brand 

Q20 Who/ what inspires your designs?
The women I am designing for. Smart, independent, mature and modern.

Q21 Zarucci made it to the Royal Wedding, tell us about that experience.
It was a great experience. Gave me a lot of exposure and publicity.

Q22 Elie Saab VS Valention, which one and why?
Elie Saab. Love his style 

Q23 Describe your favourite masterpiece.

Q24 Nora’s personal style, is it trendy or classic?

Q25 If you were to wear one brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Daytime or nighttime?A zarucci gown at nighttime

Q26 What part of your job do you like the least?
Accounting and numbers haha

Q27 From your own perspective, define fashion.
Fashion is how you express yourself and how you tell the world what you are about

Q28 If you could design a dress for a Hollywood star, who would it be?

Q29 Will Nora ever retire from designing?
No, not unless I had to

Q30 Zarucci, where will it be in 10 years? 
Hopefully Sold in bridal boutiques world wide

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