The Unheard Melodies

Maryam Qureshi

Heard Melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.

John Keats

New experiences, new challenges, strange thoughts and sometimes an interaction with a stranger goes a long way into your life. These are the things that we should experience and give them a warm welcome instead of adhering to the otherwise well defined pattern of certain norms and rules.

Life is full of unheard melodies that are woven into the plot of our otherwise monotonous, dull and you may call it a drab kinda way of living like walking into the ruts of our everyday routine. Right from our birth till our last breath, we welcome every new beginning and that is; the inevitable part of our upbringing. When a child opens his eyes for the first time in this world, he is a stranger and the world is also a place full of strangers to him. The flight of spontaneous childhood heads towards the untold feelings and sensations of the early adolescence. It’s a totally new reflection of a passionate teen in the mirror of the world.

We act like the perfect round characters of a mystery drama, playing out different characters simultaneously. We acclimatize ourselves with the changes around us and thus they become a necessary thing for us. As we all know that change is the law of nature. When we adapt to the developments that are coming our way by always accepting the present and leaving behind the thoughts of the past and the fears of the coming future then we become a person who is not stagnant water.
I think instead of relying on the beauties that are visible for us, let’s take the risk of listening to the melodies that are still unheard. Hearing the sound of that rain drops which are going to give life to the dead Earth. Behaving more or less like a rebel is all that one can do sometimes to entertain oneself or to refrain from just drifting along and around.

Maryam Qureshi holds an MA in English Literature and Linguistics. She is a poet and writer. Her work has appeared in several journals published by Profilic Press Inc. (Publishing house in USA).


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