Haiku Collection by David Estringel

“Angels in the Morning”
As you lay sleeping,
pale shadows yawn and stretch o’er me
to kiss your shoulder.


“As I Wake”
The alarm clock rings. 
You hit snooze, suspending time, 
holding me longer.


White bolts from above 
Rain cuts on kitchen tables, 
releasing bad blood. 


 Like will o’ the wisps. 
stars dance against a black sky 
then fall in my hands. 


Let fir’y tongues wag! 
Words fall like eggs from cartons. 
My shell is harder. 


“Gin & Tonic”
Bitter on the lips,
spirits of juniper berries 
bless and honey tongues. 

David Estringel is an avid reader and poet. Writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, & essays. His work has been accepted and/or published by Specter Magazine, Literary Juice, Foliate Oak Magazine, Indiana Review, Terror House Magazine, Expat Press, 50 Haikus, littledeathlit, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Route 7, and The Good Men Project. He is currently a Contributing Editor (fiction) at Red Fez and editor/weekly columnist at The Good Men Project. David Estringel can be found on Twitter (@The_Booky_Man).

*The Haikus were separately published by Expat Press, The Ugly Writers and Terror House Magazine.


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