The Work Day Goes On

The Work Day Goes on
John Grey

Thoughts do their best
to exorcise and transform
this dull work day
but I fear they just can’t do enough.
I can’t bear it alone.
Though I’m with people,
the solitude is unbearable.
The deeper the love,
the darker the absence,
is my credo.

The clock ticks so slowly.
Time, not content with being
concrete and accurate,
must indulge itself
in something more abstract,
the endless hour,
the interminable minute,
even the second
like a slow car in the fast lane.

I can’t wait to be
in your company once more.
But I do wait.
The future is a hopeless task.
The present is inexhaustible.

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in Midwest Quarterly, Poetry East and Columbia Review with work upcoming in South Florida Poetry Journal, Hawaii Review and Roanoke Review.   


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