In remembrance of Yemen’s forgotten war, March 26th

YemeniPeoplesProject: Hala AlSadi

Illustration by Intibint

“I refuse the war, although I know it by heart. I was there when it started, I lived it, I had an airstrike for breakfast every morning, I walked through the broken glass, the out placed doors, the ruins and scattered fragments. It lasted longer than we ever thought, my mom was scared I knew it was bad when my mom started shaking, for that tough women to be afraid it meant the end to me, but I still denied the war. I thought survival was leaving the country, “I would beat the war if I make it out of here.” I won, I left the country alone few months later to resume, or say, start a brand new life, I left it a pale fierce 18 year old, trying to understand. Not long later, the war defeated me badly, laughed at my face sarcasitically, when my cousin, who is a dear brother to me, was shot dead! It defeated me with every airstrike, every bomb, every bullet fired, I feared for my family. Only then I figured there is no winning, no distance and no means for me to escape. I still refuse to accept that it was an air strike not just thunder that exploded in March 26th at 12:00 at a.m.

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