The vain road with you

The vain road with you
Layal AlEryani

1,2 .. 4.. 6 years!
Walking down a curvy path with you.
Through dry roads and wet shores
I watered the seed I put in your heart

I once told you how much you mean to me
You took it ever so lightly
16 days weren’t enough for you to load your thoughts’ riffle
and fire your words with a bullet called the friend-zone

I wiped away some blood off my chest,
disregarded the event like a used napkin,
wore my red heels
and continued walking beside you

You grew vulnerable.
You became soft and fragile
my planted roots in you were itching
to grow roses without thorns

I knew it wasn’t over.
It wasn’t over yet,
not for me.
I convinced myself that the river of time will drag you back to me..
and it did.

Oh how I wished it didn’t!

The waves washed you on the shore of my heart again
I thought you came back with a catch this time
but you were holding the same empty net

I told you how much you mean to me, again
you took it even more lightly
like a note from your fan
affirming the significance of your existence.
I was hurt. But I smiled

I don’t know why it hurt more this time
I don’t know why I had to lose pearls and diamonds from my eyes.
yet, I still smiled.

I knew this was the end of our road.
I tried to meet you in different destinations with my patience
but all it did was pave a new road that everyone seemed to walk through
except your own two feet!

I tried to meet you with my words
but my words grew a garden instead,
so tall and dense we lost sight of each other.

I don’t know what more to do.
I played my part on the stage of life.
I tried to throw you the rope of second chances and close the curtain,
but you failed to grasp the end of it.

There’s absolutely nothing I could do anymore!

Until here I’ve bared, and here’s where I gaze down at the cliff and jump
I know I’ll be wearing a parachute,
but are you?


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