like any other day

Anthony Wolf

I roll. I see light in my right eye– Left eye. Or was it right? Mommy tells the
difference every day but it’s so hard to remember. I can ask her again today.

So, where am I? Mommy puts me to bed every day, and yesterday I was sick so she came to bed with me and read me stories. She spoke to Reginald, my rabbit, and then she started reading. The story of yesterday had one dragon and a little princess, and they were big friends, and she wanted to be single all life but she was mean to her daddy. But I don’t wanna be single all life. I wanna marry my daddy.

And daddy agrees, by the way.

Sometimes I ask her the questions when she reads. She likes the questions, she always smiles when I ask them and stuff. That’s why I want to ask about reft and light again. I know it: she will smile and tell me again.

Oh right, mom and dad. Where are they? She always wakes me up and today she didn’t wake me up. Maybe it’s too early? Yes, maybe it is, because I’m sleepy and I never am.

Maybe I can go wake her up this time. She’ll love it, I know. And because she always wakes me up, I’m sure it’s stuff grown-ups do to say I love you. I will be a grown-up soon, so I must learn. I still don’t really know what “to must” means, but mommy uses it when I have to do something, so it musts mean that.

My house is so big, by the way. I always go to the bathroom when I wanna go to mom and dad’s. I always mixed them up even when I was young, and mommy and daddy didn’t like what happened next. Luckily they never made me clean.

The room of mommy and daddy is empty. It’s strange. Maybe they are downstairs. They’re eating without me? Why would they do that?

Nononono. I want daddy’s pancakes, like every day. He puts loads of sweet syrup on top and I always want more but he says no but then I make big eyes and I always win. You don’t argue with your future wife, daddy! This is something you must learn.

There they are. They’re coming up the stairs. Hey mommy! Did you forget about me today? It’s okay, I forgive you. I’m not mad or anything, but where are my pancakes?
Mom! Talk to me!

There are voices downstairs. Is that aunt Maggie?
Hi, aunt Maggie! Did you see my pancakes? What’s that box in the room?
Oh, you don’t talk to me too, do you? Fine. What’s so important in that box anyway? I never seen it before.

Mom and dad are coming downstairs, I think. I hope they talk to me this time.
Don’t tell me you’re going to the box too. It’s too high on the table, I can’t see it. What’s inside? Lift me up!

Okay, fine. I’ll climb the chairs, but you asked for it! Don’t blame me if I fall like last time.

… Mom? Who is this girl in the box? What’s Reginald doing at her left? Or right?
Mom? Which one is it?


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