Me, myself & the kids

Deena AlNaggar

I have decided to write a column in the Elixir magazine. May Allah help them!

The title? I have been thinking of ‘Me, Myself & the Kids!” and for a good reason. 

The moment you say, ‘Junior-section Teacher,’ people picture a very organised, no-nonsense, grim person, who mostly dresses in dark colours and wears glasses. They are always buried under a stack of notebooks that are waiting, patiently, to be checked by that dreadful red pen – a teacher’s only true friend.  

Many statements are considered to be a teacher’s prayers. “You are grounded!” “Detention!” “Pop quiz!” “You have homework!” A teacher is always busy. 

Now, has anyone tried to look for a glimpse of humour in such a gloomy atmosphere? Has anyone tried to see the “big picture” from a teacher’s point-of-view?! 

In this column, I plan to provide some insight to you—the readers–about my day-to-day life, as a Junior-section Teacher: one who has spent about six hours a day with children for approximately twenty years! 

Now, if I can still keep my brains intact to write this while putting a smile on your face in the process, then—maybe–my world isn’t so gloomy, after all. In all honesty, the life of a Junior-section Teacher’ is, actually, quite colorful. Sure, I am exhausted at the end of the day, but I sleep like a baby with a smile on my face. The reasons are many, but some are as simple as a child, who managed to hide a note that says, ‘I love you, teacher,’ among my many stacks of papers.