Yemenis across the globe: Noha illustrates Hope

My name is Noha, also known as Intibint on Instagram. I am currently studying towards a Master of Migration and Development degree in the UK. Growing up, I lived in, both, Yemen– my homeland–and the UK; thus, I received two very different types of education within two very different cultures. 

I love art in all its forms, but I mainly focus on illustrations, singing, and–more recently–painting. Besides art, I take great interests in academia and understanding the world. I hope to use what I learn from my academic studies, as well as my love for art, and make some sort of difference in the future.

Noha and Intibint:

The INTIBINT store started as a very small idea. I wanted to use some Yemeni illustrations to generate revenue to send back to my homeland. As the 2017 Christmas season approached, it dawned on me that designing, creating, and selling graphic T-shirts could help me succeed in achieving my goal. People could buy them as Christmas presents for others, as well as for themselves.The timing was perfect! The support and love I received from my family and friends–even friends of friends–was really heart- warming. My first batch of graphic tees (fifty in total) sold pretty quickly. Such quick success was enough motivation to keep me going, and that’s how INTIBINT store officially started.

At first, I gave 100% of the profits to various charities in Yemen, such as Mona Relief and Saba Relief, as I had no plans to continue the project on a long-term basis. That quickly changed, however; as I realised that a portion of the profits would have to go back into the business in order to sustain it, its operations, and its mission. That was almost two years ago. Luckily, INTIBINT currently finds itself able to direct 50% of its total profits towards Yemen charities to support the critical and priceless work that they do.

My hopes for INTIBINT are to keep the business growing and to use the additional profits to increase the sizes of its donations. We want to continue making a difference and creating positive change within the harrowing reality of the Yemeni people…one T-shirt at a time.

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