A Story of the Inspiring Haifa

Lamiss A. Harazi

A small pastry shop with a fresh scent of good bakes in her beloved country, that was her dream. Haifa Shamsan is a Yemeni entrepreneur that currently lives in Al-Riyyadh. Her long living dream was to start her own pastry project in Yemen, but due to the war couldn’t do it in her country. That didn’t stop Haifa from trying to go after her dream. In 2016, she started by taking one small step by making cheesecakes cups with different flavors. Before getting the courage to take off, she started experimenting by making her own mixes and giving out taste samples to her family and close ones, which all resulted in a positive feedback. After that, Haifa decided to prepare and start her project by selling her product in Al O’sar Product shop in Al-Riyyadh. Her products were only available at the end of each week because the turnout wasn’t so big on regular weekdays. Three to four boxes were placed on the market, sometimes one to two out four would sell, and sometimes nothing sells which turns into a huge loss.

This lasted for about 6-8 months with more loss than a gain for multiple reasons. Some were because the market was completely competitive and preferred known products over startups, other reasons were because Haifa didn’t have many relations and it was really hard in a foreign country.  

Haifa today is still as determined as ever because knowing how unique her work is, starting from her beautiful packaging to her outstanding presentation. The only reason that held her back was being in a competitive market at the wrong timing. Haifa says that “Life is an experience that we learn from, failing in one project teaches you how to jump a hundred steps forward to another better and more successful project.”

Previously published on Rowad Global Network