Elham AlHitari: The war is in no one’s favor, but I chose to focus on the bright side

“It was 7 years ago when I first started selling perfumes and Bkhoor. I’d sell it to my family,friends and those who visited. It was a small business with small profit. As you see, I am a disabled with only one hand, but I never let it stand in the way. Being a cripple is not a weakness, it has always been my strength. I then enrolled in Sana’a University to get my bachelor degree in Accounting. During breaks, I’d display some of my products to my classmates. More girls would buy every day. They even requested me to provide them with other products like kohl, lipsticks, polish and the sort. I was very content at that time, with my business flourishing and education secured. Then the war broke. My husband no longer received his salary, like many other Yemenis at the time. He could barely pay the rent and daily expenditures. I had to stop my education and focus on my business to secure my daughters’ education. I have three daughters and two sons. The daughters I am still responsible for supporting.

The war is in no one’s favor, but I chose to focus on the bright side. I put all my energy in my business and this encouraged its growth. I sold different things in different places. Instead of taking the effort to go to stores, girls would come to me. I would supply them with their needs and take my percentage.  I have prospered remarkable through the years. But I won’t stop here. I hope that I’ll one day be able to open my own store, a store in a more peaceful Yemen.

Elham AlHitary 

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